Bid Consulting

The right approach to a tender opportunity from the onset can be the difference between success and failure. Many organisations look to submit multiple bids without giving a clear thought on rationalising each opportunity and focusing on those that represent the best chances of success. At Bid Management Solutions we have a simple process that focuses on how opportunities are qualified, win themes, and your review process. Critically, we also home in on how you scrutinise questions within a tender, your approach to answering questions and how responses are structured. More often we are seeing multiple questions encompassed within a tender question need to be analysed and answered. Too often responses are too broad.

We can provide a standard bid management template that can be customized to a client’s requirement allowing better coordination and management of opportunities. We can provide advice on the software that will benefit you in managing bids, especially when it comes to multiple authors which can help minimize or eradicate lost changes to text.

We will look at previously written bids and advise on where answers could have been improved. We can create a library of top quality responses which can then be used in future bids.

Bid Training

It’s all about keeping it simple and that’s what bid reviewers expect. The training sessions focus on understanding the opportunity, analysing the scoring, the questions to focus your efforts on, getting the language and prose correct, learning how to dissect questions and developing a structure that allows the reviewers to follow your offering. The approach we have will allow you to think more carefully about the opportunities you wish to pursue. 

Training for Graduates/Postgraduates in Bid Writing and Management

We also provide training to graduates and postgraduates who wish to pursue a career in bid management and writing. These courses run for 1 day and provide individuals with the tools and templates to work in the field of bid management and writing. The courses are designed for new starters and those with some experience in writing and managing bids.  

Bid Management & Writing

Bid Management Solutions Limited works on an associate basis with writers with backgrounds in IT, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Railways, and Construction etc. We support clients with managing bids, focusing on the critical sections, and coordinating writing activities.  We will collate the final document and provide support on submission. We source writers that have a diverse range of skills in writing and managing bids. In order to write the best answers we will work with Subject Matter Experts and then produce an initial draft for comments. As soon as these answers have been reviewed we will produce a second draft for final approval.

Bid Evaluation/Review

We will review bids once they have been written or alternatively we will review bids at different stages of the bid development. This latter option allows weaknesses in the bid to be identified and then text can be amended. Reviewing bids on a regular basis allows better control and enables us to carry out a regular audit. We will review the ITT issued and then we will look at the answers to each question. We will advise on the quality of the responses and how it can be structured to make it easier for the reviewers to read.


We can also support clients to leverage funding from national and international funding bodies. Since 2004 we have won in excess of €120 million of funding for collaborative projects from the European Commission, Medical Research Council and the Technology Strategy Board. Projects have to be innovative and lead to socio-economic benefits. The funding must lead to scientific and technological breakthroughs, give rise to Intellectual Property Rights and give the project partners a significant edge over competitors, lead to sustainability and increase in revenues. The competition is fierce and therefore we will provide support in developing ideas through concept generation workshops, bring in other established research organisations from our network, coordinate writing activities and provide support with administrative duties.

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