About Us

The Founder and Managing Director of the company is Dr Mitesh M Ladwa who has in excess of 12 years’ experience writing and managing bids.

Bid Services

We can provide a standard bid management template that can be customized to a client’s requirement allowing better coordination and management of opportunities.

Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies, and experience page to read about our past and present bid services. If you have any questions, simply get in touch.

What We Do

Writing top quality, professional bids requires considerable effort, time, and commitment from the right people/team. The chances of success can be improved considerably with the right approach, a clear strategy and a team dedicated to win. At Bid Management Solutions we offer a range of services from bid consulting, bid training, bid management and bid writing, bid evaluation and reviewing, and also recruitment. We provide simple training courses and look at the best approach/methodology to write compelling answers whilst integrating win themes into responses. 

We will understand the support that is required, and then deliver to what you need.

The services we provide are tailored for clients of all sizes and budgets across multiple sectors including companies large and small, as well as universities, NHS bodies and other organisations in the UK and the rest of Europe.

About Us

The Founder and Managing Director of the company is Dr Mitesh M Ladwa who has been writing and managing bids since 2004. By training Mitesh is a chemist receiving his PhD from Kings College, University of Aberdeen. As of 2004 he has been coordinating, writing and managing bids on behalf of clients, supporting many to leverage vital funding from sources such as the European Commission, Technology Strategy Board and the Medical Research Council. Mitesh has also worked with public and private sector organisations to win large commercial contracts advising, writing and managing bids, and developing mobilisation plans. In addition to responding to tenders Mitesh has also been involved in writing tender specifications and advising on procurement rules. He has also led large transition/transformation projects helping to merge public sector services within the NHS most notably within Pathology and Urgent Care Centre’s. Please see case studies regarding experience.

Support within the company is provided by a number of carefully chosen associates who have significant experience writing and managing bids but who are able to work across a wide depth and breadth of industries.  In addition to this we also have an excellent pool of junior and senior project managers who have worked in both the public and private sectors.

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